Make your School of Santa's reservation TODAY for July 16 - 19th - Hurry, going fast!

Welcome to School of Santas, a first-class education on being Santa Claus!

About School of Santas (S.O.S)

Our Mission

Where EDUCATION and FUN come together! 

Each year, it's our goal to bring inspirational instructors to the Ozarks to help your business and performance grow. Our classes are limited in size to give individual attention, offer more participation, and better communication between the instructor and students. When you leave S.O.S, we hope you to feel ready and excited for the upcoming Christmas season!

Top-Rated Instructors

The instructors at School of Santa are wise, smart, and invested. They work hard to give our students the most useful information and  engaging presentation. Whether you're a part of the discussion or listening in, they want you to succeed!

Rest and Relaxation

Learning about being the best Santa Claus is always fun, but we want you to enjoy all that Branson has to offer! We hope you take a few days to relax and enjoy the sights. Before or after the school, you might enjoy checking out the local stores and shops to bring home a keepsake to hang in Santa's workshop!