Santa and the business of being SAnta - S.A.T.B.o.B.S

Have you ever asked, “How can I improve my performance and business as Santa Claus?”, then SatBobS is for you! Whether you are a first-time Santa or a multiple year professional, SatBobS has a lot to offer you. 

Starting with Bailey’s book series based upon his 40 year career as a professional entertainer, Gordon and Bob help Santa’s to navigate the waters of being a professional Santa Claus with an emphasis on being a profitable performer. 

The main areas of discussion focus on: 

  • The business side of being an independent contractor entertainer.
  • Connections to help you find products, services and people while making your job easier. 
  • The history of the “Santa Claus” character beginning in 1772 with comparisons to the of St. Nicholas traditions and performance including the use of “silent props”.
  • Suit design and construction, story telling, sleight of hand magic, and the development of a performance program. 


Gordon Bailey


Owner/operator of the Santa and the Business of being Santa School (SatBobS) and a  true performer at heart, Gordon has been working professionally as a Clown and  entertainer since 1980. With a variety of characters in his repertoire, he expanded his services to include magic and lectures about clowning. He began his journey as Santa to fill in the off season as a clown.

Using his experience as a lecturer he began SatBobS as a way to help other Santas to develop their performance and business. 

Bob McMasters


Instructor at SatBobS, graduate of International University of Santa Claus, alumni of the Red Suit Society, founder and director of Texas State Santas IBRBS Chapter, member of Lone Star Santas, and a professional real-bearded Santa.

Also known as “Big D Santa” or “Lone Star Santa Claus”, Bob along his wife Carol strive to provide a real Santa experience and performance in businesses, homes, schools or malls. As a SatBobS instructor, it’s his goal to help fellow Santas to elevate themselves and grow their business and performance.  

Darla Bicknell


Also known as Mrs. Claus Dallas, she has been entertaining audiences for more than 20 years. 

Appearing as Mrs. Claus on the TV show “The Shark Tank”, Darla enjoys sharing and teaching about her “Making Spirits Bright” theme through her unique, fun and joyful presentation. 

Not only will she provide you with usable tools and information to enhance and grow your performance, but you will enjoy learning from a true and working professional Mrs. Claus.

Delbert Shiver


A sign language interpreter who works

with deaf and hard of hearing children. His 

experience comes from growing up with deaf parents and being  involved in the community.

Kathleen Sharp


A Spanish teacher who works in the school system and strives to make learning Spanish easy, fun and enjoyable. 

Jessica Rosa


A professional and highly successful family and children photographer for over 30 years, Jessica shares her tips on working with children, photographers and picture perfect posing. Including how to market and build an audience through social media and Facebook advertising.